Kookaburra Bat Covers

Designed for players of every age and at every stage, our range of bat covers provides the smarter protection your equipment needs off the pitch. Our range of different covers provide the necessary protection for bats of different sizes and levels. Much like our pros, our young superstars in the making can also look after their bats with our junior cricket bat covers.


Protect your bat with quality bat covers 

Five-day performance requires five-star protection. If you’re looking to perform as well as you can on the pitch, make sure you are well-equipped for the task. The Kookaburra Sport range of cricket bat covers protect the face of your bat from damage, prolonging its life and providing the full blade and handle protection you need to keep your equipment in top condition. A snug fit with a secure fastening mechanism ensures your bat stays protected all the way to the pitch, while neoprene and polyester constructions provide an easy-wash solution after the match.


Explore the Kookaburra Sport range of cricket equipment 

From cricket bags to bats and protective equipment, Kookaburra Sport makes it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to find the equipment they need to play at their very best. Having scored well over a century in the cricketing business, Kookaburra helps players like Alyssa Healy and Marnus Labuschagne compete against the world’s best. Look at our line-up of players and understand why so many cricketers of all ages and abilities have chosen Kookaburra Sport for more than 130 years. 


Discover our range today and find out how Kookaburra Sport could get you equipped for next season. Sign up for Team Kookaburra today and enjoy free shipping and free returns!

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