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Crafted with precision, Kookaburra offers a diverse range of cricket gloves for batsmen, engineered to meet the highest standards of protection. These gloves feature high-density foam for superior safeguarding, supple leather palms for exceptional grip, and a super-soft lining that ensures unmatched comfort.Whether you're a professional cricketer in search of top-tier batting gloves or a stylish player looking to make a statement, our lightweight and breathable designs deliver unparalleled comfort. Kookaburra has you covered, ensuring cricketers of all levels can perform at their best.

For better assistance on how to clean and maintain the glove, visit our Batting Glove Selector page HERE.


There is a significant amount of choice in cricket batting gloves and it can be difficult to find the perfect glove for your level of play. To simplify this there are essentially two different types of cricket batting gloves:

  • The sausage finger glove is the more traditional approach and favoured by professional players. Many argue this style offers more protection; however, their one-piece composition makes them harder to break in.
  • The split fingered glove is often deemed a more functional design, providing the batsman with greater flexibility from first use.


Here are some further tips and insights on Kookaburra batting gloves to assist in finding the perfect glove for you.


  1. Refer to the Kookaburra Cricket Glove Size Guide and measure from the base of your wrist to the tip of your middle finger (in cm) and find your batting glove size in the guide based on this measurement.
  2. Close the Velcro closure and make sure it fits nice and snug around the wrist. This way you know you have the perfect fit. Kookaburra batting gloves come with an anti-catch Velcro that helps protect your clothing from catching on your gloves.
  3. Pick up your bat and feel the gloves on the grip to make sure it feels natural and comfortable.
  4. Kookaburra cricket batting gloves come with a terry towelling wrist closure that not only provides exceptional comfort and softness over the wrist, but it allows the glove to move freely with wrist movements and has the added advantage of wiping sweat from your brow when things heat up in the middle.


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Whether you are looking for right-handed cricket batting gloves or left-handed cricket batting gloves, or cricket gloves for juniors or cricket gloves for seniors - Kookaburra sport has you prepared. Shop online now for breathable batting gloves or check out our selection of full finger or fingerless batting glove inners made from premium cotton palms and elastic wrist closures to help protect and support your batting gloves.

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