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Cricket is in our DNA at Kookaburra Sport and this is reflected in the handcrafting of the highest quality English Willow cricket bats. With over 130 years of experience, our family-owned business knows exactly what it takes to deliver world-class designs that are exceptional in every way.

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What is so special about English Willow?

As the number one choice in bat construction, Kookaburra's English Willow is both incredibly light and reacts remarkably well to heavy impact. Being easy to maintain, hold and very resistant to splitting and tearing, our English willow delivers the properties batters of all ages and abilities need to play at their very best.

The potential performance of every Kookaburra handmade bat, based on the quality of wood, is evaluated constantly throughout the manufacturing process by our master bat makers.

Kookaburra feels that cosmetic appearance has little correlation with bat performance. It's a common misconception that thin grain bats were the best performing, but that is not necessarily the case and they can tend to break more easily. Conversely, although wider grain bats may be slightly harder to start with, after playing in they are generally stronger pieces of willow and can perform optimally.


The magic is in the finer details 

The number of grains in a bat is a much debated issue (a grain is regarded as a year in the life of a tree) and there was a school of thought that eight straight grains on the face produced the perfect bat.

However, over the years the ever increasing demand for English willow has created a scenario in which trees reach maturity more quickly. This means that there are fewer/wider grains and consequently the definition of grading and grains have evolved with it. During the production process, our bat makers will evaluate every cleft of wood to determine what model we should produce from it. You can be sure that the quality of any Kookaburra bat is the best you can get from that particular quality of willow.


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