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Facing up to all styles of bowling without a bat requires the best of wicket keeping gear. As the number one cricket brand in wicket keeping, we consider it our duty to provide both safe and agile wicket keeping equipment. This seasons stunning range of Pro Players Replica and Pro Players wicket keeping equipment has undergone a massive uplift that will allow players to maximise keepers performance behind the stumps.

High Performance Keeper's Gear

For a wicket keeper, agility is paramount to capitalize on every opportunity that comes your way. That's why our premium Wicket Keeping gear is expertly designed to be exceptionally lightweight, ensuring you remain agile and responsive.The use of premium materials, including Moulded High Density Foam, guarantees you stay not only mobile but also well-protected against lightning-fast deliveries and unpredictable throws. The unwavering commitment to quality construction means your Kookaburra Wicket Keeping gear and accessories are built to stand the test of time, showcasing the durability required to withstand countless matches and long stints in the field.


Shop Wicket Keeping Gear for all levels

As the industry leaders in wicket keeping, you have come to the right place to shop top tier wicket keeping at affordable rates. Invest in the Wicket Keeping Gloves used by the world’s best Wicket Keepers and you’ll understand the quality, comfort and level of protection Kookaburra wicket keeping gear provides. Available in a range of sizes for keepers of all levels from youths to professional cricketers so you’ll not only look the part, but play the part as well.

Shop our collection of protective gear for wicket keeping including pads, gloves and inners today. Available online now.

For Wicket-keeping tips, stay tuned on our news page for latest from some of our pro keepers.


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