Cricket Chest Guards


To unlock your full potential at the crease, quality and well-fitted protective equipment are essential. Bat with confidence by selecting from our signature range of Kookaburra chest guards. Our premium chest guards are comfortable, easy to wear and provide maximum maneuverability so you can sway from the short pitched one. Our Pro Player Chest Guards are designed with resilient materials and microweight HDF, for that extra piece of assurance throughout your innings.


Why choose Kookaburra Chest Guards?

Our Chest Guards undergo rigorous testing to meet the most stringent safety standards, ensuring maximum protection against chest impacts. Available in both Youth and Adult sizes, our Chest Guards feature adjustable straps, providing a secure and comfortable fit for players of all ages. The premium construction enhances durability and resilience, making them a reliable choice for a longer stay at the crease.


Shop Chest Guards online


When it comes to your safety and performance on the cricket field, never compromise. Shop online today for a Kookaburra Chest Guard and experience the confidence that comes with superior protection. Plus, by signing up as a Team Kookaburra Member you get to access free shipping and free returns. Step onto the pitch with assurance guaranteed from our premium range of cricket protectives.

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