Cricket Pants


As cricket is a primarily summer sport here in Australia, staying cool and comfortable on the pitch is important. The range of cricket pants from Kookaburra have been designed with exactly this in mind.

Get your whites on with Kookaburra


It’s fairly widely accepted that cricketers wear white - but what’s not so common knowledge is why. There are a few reasons why cricket attire is primarily white:


  • Temperature control - white clothing helps to reflect the intense summer sun and keep the players cool
  • Contrasting colour - the typically red cricket ball is much easier to see when contrasted against all white clothing
  • Classic - all white clothing is a classic and ‘elegant’ look which is commonly associated with the cricket



The Kookaburra difference


At Kookaburra we understand the importance of being comfortable when undertaking any sport - being hot and uncomfortable can be a distraction and keep you from playing your best. This is why our range of cricket pants have been crafted with StayCool technology. This design allows the wearer to remain cool and comfortable under the harsh Aussie sun. Kookaburra cricket pants are also sized to regular fit so that protective gear can easily be worn underneath when required. With a range of sizes to choose from - you can’t go wrong with a pair of cricket pants from Kookaburra.

Complete your ensemble with Kookaburra’s range of cricket clothing, including shirts, socks, hoodies and the good ol’ baggy green.

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