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There's lightweight, then there is Ultralite weight Hockey Sticks. Our Ultralite sticks are 4 oz than conventional lightweight sticks and made with performance and innovation in mind. Designed using the latest technology, these Ultralite sticks provide the benefits of lightweight construction with the added benefit of an aggressive bow, making striking the ball at optimum speed part of your natural game.


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Explore the Kookaburra Ultralite range and shop online today. As an Australian owned and operated company, we offer a wide selection of quality hockey sticks for you to choose from. Look to us for pro player sticks, MBow sticks, LBow sticks, Wooden sticks and all relevant hockey pairings. Not sure where to start? Choose your stick here or seek guidance from some of our ultralite Hockey stick ambassadors. You can connect with all our brand ambassadors by also staying tuned to our social pages.

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