Kookaburra Cricket Hats

Kookaburra Cricket Hats

Like Sir Don Bradman and Boonie’s moustache - there’s nothing more synonymous with cricket than the baggy green. Get your hands on this iconic cricketing staple and more with the range of cricket hats from Kookaburra.


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Like almost all cricketing attire - the range of specialised cricket hats from Kookaburra have been designed for comfort and breathability in the Australian sun. Whether you’re more comfortable in a classic cap or you’re like Warney and prefer the wide-brimmed hat - at Kookaburra, you’ll find the perfect sun protector for you.


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Caps are a great way of protecting yourself from the elements whilst maintaining adequate visibility. Our caps come in a range of colours and are made from 100% micromesh for optimum comfort and breathability. Wide-brimmed sun hats are perfect for long days in the sun, racing to catch the cricket ball before it hits the boundary. Our range of sun hats have you covered and even have added toweling on the interior to keep you fresh and dry.

If you’re wanting to really look the part in the best quality cricket attire - look no further than the range of pants, t-shirts, hoodies and socks from Kookaburra.

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