Hockey Stick Grips


Get a handle on your game with our range of hockey stick grips. A quality Kookaburra Stick Grip provides a soft feel, whilst absorbing all the power of a clean strike. To give you the competitive edge, our specially designed hockey stick grips are resistant against on-field moisture and help to increase traction. Elevate your next hockey game with the Kookaburra Sport range of hockey stick grips.



Hockey Stick Grips Online


With over 130 years of experience in designing and manufacturing high quality cricket and hockey equipment, we’ve got you covered with our range of hockey stick grips. Browse our full collection online, including hockey sticks and hockey balls to help you prepare for your next game. Having trouble choosing the right hockey stick? We have provided all the assistance you need to choose the right stick here. Kookaburra Sport Hockey Grips are an important component of any hockey collection, so shop online and discover why we’re world-renowned in the hockey community.


Shop Online for Hockey Stick Grips


Buy your hockey stick grips online from Kookaburra Sport and receive delivery across Australia. Sign up as a Team Kookaburra Member to access free shipping and free returns. When you’re out on the pitch, we believe you deserve only the best. Explore the best of our hockey stick grips by shopping online today and find out what makes our customer service exemplary.

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