Science of the Kookaburra Stick

At Kookaburra we’re rightly proud of our hockey stick range. Every piece of equipment is packed with the latest technological advances and cutting edge style. Designed by experts and perfected by players, Kookaburra enables you to hit the ball further, faster, harder while retaining more control than ever before. When it comes to selecting your ideal stick, there are no hard and fast rules – it comes down to personal preference, comfort, and style of play.

The bow on a stick refers to the amount of curvature along the playing surface, from the top of the handle to the base of the head. The position of the bow on a stick is used to assist with lifts, aerials, drag flicks, 3D skills and general control. The amount of bow is measured by placing the stick on a flat surface and finding the maximum distance between the surface and the playing area of the stick. For drag flicks, it is typically preferred to have a bow placed lower on the stick and more toward the head such as our LBow and Concave profiles.

Power potential of a stick is enhanced by the percentage of carbon in it's composition as it generally provides better feel and strength. Less carbon may allow a player to have more control and forgiveness when cushioning the ball. However, some players may prefer a more rigid stick as this increases the ability to use deflection to their advantage. Typically, Kookaburra recommend that beginner players start with a lower carbon stick before slowly working their way up as skill level increases.



Stick Sizing

Selecting the right length of stick is vitally important if all skills of hockey are to be developed and performed well. In general your height determines what length of stick you should use. A lot of players use sticks that are far too long - one of the main reasons being that it is seen as 'cool' to play with a senior stick. However using the wrong size will negatively affect the players performance, due to the length and mass not being balanced.





Find your perfect hockey stick for your game

The Kookaburra range of hockey sticks is amongst the best and we’re here to help you find your perfect match. For high-performing designs made using the latest technology, there’s no better market place to shop. Connect with us online today for premium hockey sticks and discover your winning potential.

Look to us for Pro Player Sticks, Ultralite Sticks, MBow Sticks, LBow Sticks, Wooden Sticks and hockey stick grips.

You can also share in the excitement by learning from some of our professional athletes here or by keeping up to date on our Kookaburra Hockey socials.

Profiles & Bow Shapes

Bolstered by the latest advances in the lab, Kookaburra utilises unique constructions to put the ultimate hockey stick into your hands. Each of our profiles and bow shapes have been extensively tested and engineered to cater for all styles of play. Below is a guide to our most popular profiles.


Optimum Point: 23mm through 320mm

The MBow places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft, enhancing ball control and full blooded strikes.

Optimum Point: 24mm through 222mm

The LBow offers a streamlined head shape with a lower optimum point to assist in drag flick and 3D skills.

Optimum Point 24mm through 240mm

The Concave Bow further assists with drag flicking by lowering and increasing the the size of the bow for a more pronounced profile.

Stick Technology

Kookaburra Hockey Oval Handle OVAL HANDLE
Crafted oval handle assists with maximizing the bow position to create a dramatic profile. Ergonomically designed for comfort and feel.
Helps to generate enhanced ball speed.  Assists with passing control and precision.
Implemented across a number of our top models, Tri-Core reconstructs the sticks internal structure to offer optimum stiffness and improved power.
Used throughout the Kookaburra range, our Dual-Core construction creates high power with the perfect blend of playability and control.
Kookaburra sticks have a reinforced backhand edge, strengthening a key area in stick construction, aiding and enhancing durability.
Tightly weaved carbon fibre is cross linked throughout the shaft, reducing the use of epoxy resin, providing unrivaled strength and power potential.
Concave stick face shaping holds the ball with ease, giving unbelievable close control for 3D Skills, drag flicking and aerial prowess.
There's lightweight and there's Ultralite!!  Kookaburra's range of Ultralite sticks are produced up to 4oz lighter than conventional sticks.
The profile of the backhand edge has been precision flattened, enabling perfect execution of back hand shots time and time again.
Exceptional feel, improved control.  The texturised playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility.
Soft feel resin built into the core construction of the stick creates unparalelled durability and exquisite feel on impact.
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