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Pro Players Hockey Sticks 

When you need the best in hockey, look no further than our new range of pro player sticks. Designed to amplify your game, our pro player sticks are ergonomically designed for maximum performance. With greater sweeping capabilities and enhanced ball control, you’ll have the best chance of a goal strike with our Kookaburra Sport hockey sticks.


2024 Hockey Sticks from Kookaburra Sport

We’re 100% Australian owned and one of the oldest manufacturers for hockey gear in the country. With over 130 years of experience behind us, we’re top of mind for beginners and professional athletes, with names like Mariah Williams and Jacob Anderson wearing our brand with pride. Well-loved amongst the local and international hockey communities, we boast a selection of MBow Sticks, LBow Sticks, Ultralite and Wooden Sticks to suit your playing style. Browse our full range and control your next hockey game with Kookaburra Sport.


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Learn to play like our pro’s Greta Hayes and Miki Spano and enjoy delivery Australia-wide when you purchase pro hockey sticks online from Kookaburra Sport. Sign up as a Team Kookaburra Member to access free shipping and free returns on your orders. Mark up and play your best game yet with one of Australia’s most trusted names in hockey equipment.

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