Cricket Thigh Guards


Experience unparalleled protection and performance enhancement with Kookaburra's premier range of Thigh Guards. Meticulously designed to meet the demands of cricketers at all levels, our Thigh Guards exemplify the perfect blend of comfort and durability.


Experience the comfort of Kookaburra Thigh Guards

Crafted with precision, Kookaburra Thigh Guards are engineered from lightweight yet robust reinforced materials, boasting an ergonomic design that ensures both protection and mobility. Informed by our elite athletes, our Pro Players Thigh Guard offers that premium level of protection and guarantee a snug fit, enabling players to focus on their skills without feeling restricted. Our Pro 1.0 to Pro 6.0 models all vary in terms of level of protection materials used and hit a range of different pricepoints to suit your budget.


Thigh Guards for left and right handers


Our extensive selection includes multiple sizes and styles, catering to both right-handed and left-handed players. Each model also comes with an inner and/or Pro guard, depending on what level suits your comfort style at the crease. This ensures that individuals of all ages and proficiency levels can confidently play their shots while staying adequately shielded. 


Built from premium, long-lasting materials, our Thigh Guards are built to endure countless matches and rigorous net sessions. When you're in search of the ultimate Thigh Guards, trust Kookaburra to take your game to new heights. 

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