Cricket Thigh Guards


Kookaburra thigh guards provide that much needed protection from a fast, awkward delivery. If you’ve ever been nipped in the thigh by a rising delivery, you’ll understand the importance of the highest quality cricket thigh guard. Specially engineered and contoured to suit a variety of different body types, our range of cricket thigh guards are made from durable materials so you can enjoy our game safely.



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Kookaburra Sport is 100% Australian owned and the proudest sporting equipment manufacturer in the country. We specialise in cricket and hockey gear from beginners to professional athletes, and retain the original craftsmanship that built Kookaburra Sports in 1890. As a renowned brand amongst local and international cricketing and hockey communities, Kookaburra Sport boasts a selection of cricket protection including chest guards, arm guards and helmets to ensure you are more than prepared for every sporting occasion.


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Purchase all your cricket and hockey gear online from Kookaburra Sport and enjoy friendly service and reliable delivery across Australia. Plus, when you sign up as a Team Kookaburra Member, you can access free shipping and free returns. Browse our premium range of Cricket and Hockey products and step onto the pitch with confidence, armed with the security and comfort of our signature equipment.

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