MBow Hockey Sticks

Mid Bow Hockey Sticks Australia

The Mid Bow (M-Bow) profile places the optimum point of the bow in the mid-section of the shaft, enhancing ball control and full bodied strikes. Perfect for the all rounder player no matter where you are placed on the field - Forward, Back or Mid-Field.  Mid bow sticks pass a lower ball and are more predictable when tackling. Made from high quality forged technology, you’re really playing with the best when you shop our wide range of Mbow sticks.


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Established in 1890, Kookaburra Sport has built its reputation on being one of the world’s most recognisable brands for quality hockey sticks. We are proud to stock a range of off-and on-field products for players of all ages and experience levels. From pro hockey sticks to wooden hockey sticks and long bow hockey sticks, we’re your one-stop online destination for all things hockey-related. We even provide hockey stick grip tape and other accessories! Browse our range today and enjoy fast shipping across Australia.

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