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Kookaburra Sport has an extensive range of cricket clothing designed to suit the needs of any player, from the enthusiast to the professional. Whether it’s whites and creams for match play, training tees and shorts for practice sessions, or branded hoodies and track pants for the colder months, Kookaburra has you covered! On top of this, we are continuously evolving our materials to incorporate eco-friendly alternatives throughout our apparel range at large. With Kookaburra Teamwear a core part of our business, we are now currently offering 23 recycled polyester fabrics as well as two BCI cotton variations and that number is only going to grow.

Cricket Apparel for all ages and seasons

With the majority of cricket being played in warmer seasons, it’s important for participants to feel cool and comfortable in their attire in order to perform at their best. For Summer, Kookaburra's Cricket Whites are produced using StayCool fabric, designed to maximise performance and comfort in testing conditions. StayCool helps to accelerate the flow of perspiration away from the body through the fabric and into the atmosphere, leaving the wearer cool and comfortable. For Winter or colder conditions, Kookaburra's Off-Field optionsinclude hoodies, jackets and beanies to ensure all boundaries are covered.


Cricket Whites

At the international level, all-whites are only worn for test cricket matches. All other matches are conducted with players wearing uniforms with their team’s colours. The style of uniform can vary depending on the position played. Modern Cricket Pants typically have elastic content to prevent damage when fielding. Jumpers are a popular choice for wicketkeepers to avoid abrasions from the pitch when diving for balls.

Cricket Clothing online at Kookaburra Sport

Kookaburra’s cricket apparel has been crafted in consultation with some of the world’s best cricketers to ensure it can withstand the demands of the most intense wear. We’ve refined the fit of our clothing to comfortably accommodate protective equipment for batters and fielders, while remaining stylish so you can look and feel your best on the field.


Available in sizes to suit juniors, women and men, Kookaburra’s premium cricket apparel is the best choice for players who value quality, comfortability and style. Enhance your performance on and off the field with Kookaburra cricket clothing today!

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