Parramatta Eels NRL Merchandise

As the slipperiest team in the NRL, you never know what you are going to get with the Parramatta Eels. They can surprise, disappoint or absolutely blow your mind and that's what makes them the team to watch in the NRL. They are constantly upsetting the top teams and are fortunate to have a long list of playmakers. Share in this community at Kookaburra Sport, by donning official Parramatta Eels supporter wear at great prices!


Get Behind the Parramatta Eels

The blue and gold colours are as eye-catching as the sets of six they offer. Why not get amongst the action by wearing the parra colours with pride. We have an exciting assortment of official NRL gear with Parramatta NRL beanies, scarves, socks, bags and more in our recently launched Footballs section. Stay tuned for more Parramatta Eels favourites when you shop at Kookaburra Sport.


Shop Parramatta Eels NRL Merchandise at Kookaburra Sport

With the flying wingers and whiz kids in the halves, Parramatta are a well oiled, excitement machine. Help pave the way to NRL glory when you purchase official NRL merchandise for the Eels at Kookaburra Sport.


At Kookaburra Sport we know there is a wildcard in every sporting competition. We believe this award goes to the Parramatta Eels. Take a look through the long highlights reel while in blue and gold Eels merch and you will see some dashes of brilliance and unexpected plays that helped seal the deal for the Eels. Share in the rivalry when you purchase any NRL items by signing up to Team Kookaburra and saving those previous pennies in the process.

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