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Play your way with Kookaburra Sport. Our range of cricket grips allows players to customise their bat to their liking, helping their equipment better match their playstyle. Available in a range of textures and colours, Kookaburra Sport’s collection of grips allow you more control over your bat, giving you more accuracy when batting. Especially where you’re adjusting to a new, larger bat, the right grips can help to smooth the transition, offering more control by altering the centre of balance away from the tip of the blade.

Whatever grip pattern you’re most comfortable with, find it at Kookaburra Sport. Browse our online collection of cricket bat grips today and play it your way.


Everything Aussie cricketers need


Whether it’s a bat care kit to keep your equipment in top condition or a cricket set for some backyard fun in the sun, Kookaburra Sport has what amateurs and professional cricketers are looking for. A name trusted by some of the biggest cricketing superstars for more than a century, Kookaburra Sport is synonymous with high-quality, durable equipment, helping every player at every level perform at their peak.


Order today and find out why some of the world’s top cricketers including Mitchell Starc, Nathan Lyon and Megan Schutt choose Kookaburra to support their on the pitch performance. Looking to take your game further? Join Team Kookaburra today and enjoy exclusive offers, free shipping and free return on all orders.

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