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The Kookaburra ball is officially the number one ball in the main countries of the cricketing world. For more than a century, Kookaburra has held its international reputation as the leading manufacturer of quality, hand-stitched cricket balls with the knowledge and ‘know-how’ being passed down through the generations. Our two-piece cricket ball is a treasured part of the kit of millions of cricketers – whether it be at grassroots or professional levels, young or old, local or global. From test match championships to T20 world cups to community cricket competitions, if you take a catch or are on a hatrick you’re most likely holding a Kookaburra.



Kookaburra 2-piece cricket balls

Used at the highest levels of cricket, Kookaburra cricket balls deliver the durability, feel and performance cricketers need to play at their optimum best. Made from hand-selected steer hide and hand-stitched the same way they did in 1890 , Kookaburra cricket balls are an integral part of the way Australia plays cricket.

Our 2-piece cricket balls are made for both training and in the game’s most competitive circles. Decades of experience in design and manufacturing has led to the specialised Super Coach range, helping to refine and shape the skills of emerging cricketers. Whether you’re practicing your spin bowling or firing it at over the stumps there’s a Kookaburra ball specially designed for you.


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With both 2 and 4 piece cricket balls available, Kookaburra Sport makes it simple to find a turf ball you’re comfortable playing with. Browse through our top-end collection and start wicket-taking today. You can enjoy exclusive offers, free shipping and free returns when you sign up for Team Kookaburra – join a growing community of Aussie cricketers today!

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