For the 2022 Hockey season, we are introducing brand new technology with our Forged stick range. “Forged in Desire” is the message that juxtaposes an athlete’s burning desire to be great alongside the innovation used in the very tools that get them there in the first place.

There is quite a bit to unpack for the 2022 range, so below covers the main nuances this new range brings to the fore. With some exciting new additions to the hockey family this year, we hope there is a choice for all player types this hockey season.

Forged Carbon Technology

Forge Technology is constructed using small pieces of carbon that are pressed into shape as the resin cures. The result is a stick that contains a higher fibre volume than traditionally made models, increasing strength, and providing an unparalleled aesthetic. This process ensures that every stick appearance is slightly different making each stick distinctly unique in its detail, providing a customised look and feel.


Stick Bow Profiles

The focus for this season has been on finding the right balance of stick and building upon the feedback we have received regarding stick profiles. We have made significant improvements and expanded upon what L-Bow and M-Bow can mean. Check out the bow profile section on our Stick Selector Page to find out more about these profiles.


Stick Profile Specifications

Other design features that stand out consistently across this our stick models in this year’s range are:

INNEGRA™ EDGE - The lightest fibre available in the hockey world today. Used with carbon fibre, Innegra™ forms an extremely resilient ultra-hybrid composite structure.

TRI-CORE- Additional core to the internal structure gives stiffness and ultimate power output. Eliminates torsional movement and aids clean striking.

ULTRALITE - Ultralite models are produced up to 30 grams lighter than regular light sticks. These sticks are designed to enhance overall stick skills and control, without any compromise on power output.

KCF (Kooka Control Face) - Thoroughly tested in the Kooka lab for exceptional feel and improved control. The textured playing surface generates a more secure contact area, resulting in exquisite feel, control and agility.

PRECISION EDGE - The profile of the backhand edge has been precision flattened, enabling perfect execution of 'back hand" shots time and time again.


What’s behind the new products for Hockey 2022?

Introducing the newest team series member; Aura. This range is inspired by arguably the best drag-flick specialist in the game, Kane Russell. What makes these Hockey Sticks unique is that they are built around a commanding L-Bow Extreme X profile to help give players ultimate ball and aerial control. Represented in KR, 950 Ultralite, 650, 400 and 100 models, there is an option for all playing levels. You can become an Aura Team member by adding on the Aura Glove, Team Aura Shin guard and Convert Hockey Shoe to really look the part out on the pitch.

Beast Hockey embodies all that is alluring about the sport. Having roared into sports pop culture with our beast cricket bats, what better way to give juniors and entry-level players a jumpstart on hockey than introducing the fan favourite to Hockey? The Beast Pack is an all-in-one starter kit for those who are new to the game, equipping them with everything they need to get playing on the pitch.

The team at Kookaburra Hockey are thrilled to see so much excitement around the game in 2022 and wish everyone a full season ahead.


Check out our Forged In Desire Hockey Campaign video here


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