Kookaburra Beast Hockey

Kookaburra Beast Now In Hockey

Roaring into action is Kookaburra's most exciting junior hockey kit range, Beast Junior. Tailor made for the future Olympian, Kookaburra's junior range of wooden hockey sticks packs a punch. Featuring some of the most unique designs in Hockey, the next generation is going to send shockwaves in the sport with the Beast.



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It will turn some heads in your hockey 11 when you show up to training with this hockey kit. For more help with choosing a junior stick, we have a detailed guide on choosing the right stick that you can reference for help understanding the different features of each Kookaburra hockey stick.


Start out in Hockey with Kookaburra Beast

Perfect for entry level players, find your roar with the Kookaburra Beast. Shopping the beast never got easier since we went online. Claim your junior Hockey range today and have it delivered directly to your house. Sign up by becoming a team kookaburra member and see what other specials we have in store.

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