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When your team is under fire, sometimes an aggressive and rapid response is needed. When you choose to shop from our Rapid collection, you’ll get the chance to return fire with sharp answers of your own. Brightly coloured with aqua blue and fire engine red, you’ll be able to signal your level of intent and feeling around crafting an innings. Make the most of an opportunity by making a statement. The bat for this approach is our Rapid..



Rapid Cricket Bats,Gloves,Pads and Bags


Not for the faint of heart, the Rapid collection delivers on performance and style. In this range, there is protective gear for professional players, beginners and every level in between. You will be able to transition from the field to the batting deck with Rapid keeping pads, gloves and a new high quality cricket bat. Don’t forget to also check out our Kahuna, Ghost, Shadow, Rapid and Concept Collections.


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Find the middle of the bat in your next match with an innings full of intent with our Rapid collection. Alternatively, you can browse our other bat, pad and glove collections - Kahuna, Ghost, Shadow, and Pace - all available to you online now.

For Batting tips, stay tuned on our coaching page for the latest from some of our pro-players.

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