How do I Clean my Kookaburra Shoes?

Depending on the day, your spikes / rubber soles can get muddy within minutes. Whereas the removal of mud from most shoes is best completed once dry, mud removal from spikes / rubber soles is best completed while still wet, so clean them as soon as you can after a game.

Cleaning your Spikes / Rubber soles

What You Will Need

• A hose or tap
• Nylon scrubbing brush

Cleaning Steps

Use a hose or tap to spray the spikes / sole clean. The mud is wet and the sweat is wet, so don’t worry too much about applying more water to the upper part.

Use a nylon scrubbing brush to remove any caked on mud or grass clumps.

Examine your spikes as you clean them and look for any that are worn or uneven. Uneven spikes can alter the fit of the shoe and may need to be replaced.

Allow the spikes to air dry. Do not place them in the dryer or near a heat source to hasten drying time, as this can cause the shoes to shrink or warp, and can damage the leather.

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