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Calibre is all about setting high standards and working to maintain them. When it comes to performing at your best, our high Calibre hockey bundles will set you up for that peak level performance - both on and off the field. Whether it’s a new stick or a two-stick bag, or the protective gear you need, you can shop for Calibre here at Kookaburra Sport.


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Calibre is one of our leading hockey gear collections. It’s joined by our Midas, Origin and Phantom collections - all with features every player needs to get the job done on field. Raise the calibre of your hockey game and get your hands on this famous hockey players collection. Our Calibre range includes hockey sticks, Calibre bags, Calibre gloves and Calibre shin guards. You can have your order delivered directly to you when you shop online. Alternatively, you can head to your local Kookaburra retailer and try out our hockey sticks there – find your nearest store with our store finder.

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