Beeping Ball for Blind Cricket

In association with Blind Bats Inc. and Sportscor, Kookaburra Sport is delighted to announce the release of the beeping ball for all levels of Blind Cricket and Beep Sports in Australia. The Beeping ball is set to not only revolutionise the game of cricket for vision-impaired sporting community, but also give the game greater depth at a grassroots level.

The man behind the idea is Paul Szep, who is the president of Blind Bats Inc. and a true visionary for the game. In 2017, He marvelled at how the smart ball technology was developed by Sportscor and how the concept was brought to life in partnership with leading cricket brand Kookaburra. Szep saw an opportunity to use similar technology to enhance the materials used in the blind rattle balls of Australia’s Blind cricket competitions.

Four years later, the concept became a reality and Kookaburra Sport could not be more happier for Paul and the Blind Cricket Community. In speaking with his all-time cricketing hero, Ian Healy, Paul was ecstatic with the outcome and expects mass improvements in the way the vision-impaired approach the sport. 

“The brief was to make it as close as possible to a Kookaburra cricket ball, but with less bounce to make it easier for blindies to hit”.

In terms of manufacturing, the kookaburra beep ball is more durable than previous blind balls and comes with a softer cover that will make it less hurtful, less bouncy and will travel less. The beeping ball can also be turned on and off by the umpire, allowing for less noise interference after the ball is returned to the keeper or bowler.

“Kookaburra have done such an excellent job on the ball. The players and I are really happy with it”

Paul sees this ball not only growing the game nationally, but will also be a hit in other markets, particularly the USA. The new beeping technology will be used for more than cricket, with hockey, T-balln and Basketball being amongst several other ball sports in the mix.

“Cricket is just the start for us. This is set to become a national thing using the Moreton Bay Region template and grow from there. We believe there will be huge sales of this ball all over the world and we think the US will definitely be interested in taking this up”.

At Kookaburra Sport, we are excited for what the beeping ball will do for inclusivity in the game and look forward to fostering growth and boosting participation in the vision-impaired cricketing market.

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